January 15, 2019


CBO best practices and Page Quality check

Today we have a couple of things to mention about Facebook. First, some good reasons to use CBO. Plus, an update from Facebook that will help Page admins find and review their Page violations. It’s all about quality content! And finally, you can find out when and where you have been a bad guy/gal.

Starting with Campaign Budget Optimization, there are people who haven’t completely understood it.

For this reason, Alex Stiehl shared his know-how about CBO in the Facebook Ad Buyers group. And how you can take advantage of it, especially when you’re on a smaller budget!

How does CBO work?

The basic principle of CBO? Facebook automatically optimizes the budget among the campaign’s various ad sets.

It starts by delivering your ads to an initial audience of people more likely to convert. But if they don’t convert, the chances that you’ll get better results are slim.

Thus, the more ad sets you have, the higher are the chances of having better results. Get it?

What happens to the budget?

Facebook allocates more budget to the ad set that starts seeing an early performance. However, that performance doesn’t necessarily correlate with your goal.

Maybe one ad set starts by getting more clicks than the others, but your objective is website conversions. This is a downside of CBO, yet down in this post, there is a solution!

Now, you should have a better idea about the CBO working principles. However, let’s get into the practical side of the things. Have a look at the best CBO practices shared by Alex:

  • Numbers of ad sets: This depends on your budget and your target CPA. Having a $25 budget with 20 ad sets will spread your budget too thin to give you any useful feedback.
  • Automated Rules: Make sure that you are monitoring your ad sets to see which is spending more budget. And if it is performing well according to your objectives.
  • Converting ad sets: Once you find a converting ad set, feel free to turn the other ad sets OFF. And let the converting ad sets continue to run with all the budget from the CBO.
  • Budget: You can increase or decrease the budget as you see fit. It should not affect the ad sets and their learning or performance. Alex suggests increasing the budget multiple times a day as long as the ad sets are delivering.
  • CBO for Creative Testing: You can test different creatives in a single campaign. Or make different CBO campaigns for different creatives. Test it!
  • CBO for Audience Testing: Same goes for audience testing. There is no hard and fast rule to this, just make sure you stay organized.

What’s your idea about CBO? As Alex said, CBO is good to fight Facebook’s instability.

Plus, it has an advantage when you are scaling and raising your budget: It does not kick the ad sets back into learning mode, just feeds more budget into them. Take advantage of it!

The other advantage is that, if you want to scale an ad set, you can just turn off the other ones. And all the budget will be allocated to the one you keep active.

Well, now that you have a clear idea about CBO, we can jump to the new update made by Facebook. It’s about your Page quality!

Facebook is constantly making efforts to improve user experience. Following this course, the company released a feature to help admins see all violations made by the people that manage the page.

Facebook Page Quality to review your Page Violations

With this update, on the “Page Quality” section, you will be able to see 2 sections:

  • Recent Violations: Shows you if your Page has any content posted that was a recent violation. You can then either accept the decision or request review depending on the type of violation. You can click “See Details” to learn more.
  • Content From Your Page Rated by Third-Party Fact-Checkers: Shows you any misleading content that was shared by your Page. Click “See rating details” to see the rating from an independent fact-checker or click “See original post” to see your Page’s original post.

What does this mean for you?

  • Pages that repeatedly violate the Facebook Community Standards and Page Policies may see lowered reach or even be unpublished.
  • If the people managing your Page post violating content on other Pages they manage, it could also affect your Page.
  • Pages that repeatedly publish or share false news will see their overall distribution reduced, their ability to monetize and advertise removed, and their ability to register as a news Page removed.

To find the “Page Quality” tab, go to the Page you manage and click “Page Quality” at the top.

Alternatively, you can click here and replace “PAGE_NAME” with your actual Page name.

How many times did we say it? There is no scope for bad practices anymore! Facebook wants a safe and secure (and cool) environment for its users. And this is another update towards that direction!

“Stay hungry, stay compliant…or get really creative!”


PayPal Limitation Hold Reserve Case Study/Tips

What do you do when PayPal hits you with account limitations? Well, let’s have a look at this case study. And see how Jonathan Lau managed to move to a peaceful ecommerc-ing. Without PayPal interruptions!

He had some problems during this Q4. Thus, he took the chance to document how PayPal reacts to turbulent activities in your account. And how you can avoid limitations:

  • First, the problem with Dropshipping is that you, as a vendor, don’t have control over your products quality and shipping. You can’t protect your customers from eventual accidents. Therefore, PayPal tends to penalize you!
  • You should use tracking software! Why? To automatically update tracking numbers for all transactions before customers start to worry! This will avoid customers raising any disputes in your PayPal account.
  • Escalations are much worse than disputes for your account standing. Always answer disputes as soon as possible. Besides, make sure the tracking numbers are updated for any disputes.
  • Keep at least some money in your PayPal account. In this way, the account can refund any lost escalations.
  • Use trackable logistics, exclude remote countries. Plus, be prepared to have all the proof to show that you fulfil and ship the items on time.

Remember that PayPal is an advanced company. They know you’re dropshipping. So let’s try to stay compliant with their rules. And satisfy their information requests as soon as possible.

Jonathan even suggests to email the Head Officers in PayPal to explain your situation. Or you can call PayPal until they get someone who will empathise and reduce the reserve for you.

Well, the ways to follow are many, yet the best one is to prevent!


Twitter’s beta app testing all new features

Twitter is launching a new beta program, giving a select group of users access to some new features. And based on the chatter, Twitter will use the feedback and decide to turn these beta features into full-blown features for everyone.

So, what are these beta features?

  • Colour-coded replies: Your original tweet, responses from those you follow, and from those you don’t follow will all be in different colours. Also, it will include visual cues to help you find the parts of the thread you’re interested easier.
  • Removing hearts + other engagement icons: Not all tweets will have the icons for “Likes/Retweets/Replies”. The basic idea seems to be: engagement for those who want it, a more simplified view for those who do not.
  • Algorithmically sorted responses: Similar algorithmic sorting that Twitter has applied to our main timeline will be applied to “Replies”. So, the important ones — like those from your Twitter friends — are moved to the top. And what two people see in a group of replies may differ.

Some other updates may include Icebreakers (Pinned posts) to ignite more conversations, status update feature, unique experience during sports games to name a few.

For marketers using Twitter as part of their marketing mix, this whole new upgrade could mean a paradigm shift in their communication strategy over the platform.

Though as it seems, it could just allow for more meaningful conversations with people you know/follow, than just random trolls/abusers hampering the user experience.


Caution: GoDaddy is Adding Unwanted JavaScript to Websites

Using GoDaddy as your hosting provider? Well, there’s an important update for you all.

Web hosting provider GoDaddy is inserting JavaScript code into websites. Why? To use a technology called Real User Metrics (RUM), allowing GoDaddy to track and measure the website performance.

All US customers are by-default opted-in to this update, which could slow down the performance or break sites altogether.

This update is being pushed just to improve GoDaddy’s own systems and it provides no actual benefit to site owners. In fact, it’s more likely to have the exact opposite effect.

Opting out of RUM is highly recommended for 2 reasons:

  • It can slow down a website’s loading time.
  • It could ultimately affect search rankings.

Here’s how to opt-out of this forced update:

  • Access your cPanel hosting account by going logging in to your cPanel and clicking on your hosting account.
  • Click the three-dot menu button, and then click “Help us.”
  • Click “Opt out.”

The Javascript snippet is immediately removed after opting out.


MagicAdz now does some E-COMMERCE magic!

When it comes to competitive research tools, MagicAdz has been turning heads and, more importantly, revealing the best ads and landers on Facebook.

Well, the team there has a big update – e-commerce! Yep, you can now spy on stores set up on 7 of the biggest e-commerce platforms such as Shopify, WooCommerce and Magento.

This is what you could already do before:

  • Affiliate ads only – exclude all branding ads you might not care about
  • Download the real landing page, not the one affiliates show *wink wink*
  • Ads from 49 countries
  • Very powerful search: by ads, user comments and redirect path or landing page search including specific HTML code!

Now you can also check for the best products, their ads and the store(s) that already sell those products!

To give you a sample of what this can do, the MagicAdz team has compiled a handbook of top 10 products on Shopify and their top viral campaigns, found with this tool. Want it?

Head over here and MagicAdz will send it to you via email. Scroll down to find the sign-up form.

If you are still not convinced, you get a 14 day trial for $1 to explore everything the tool has to offer.

Afterwards, it costs $299/month. Pays for itself within a few days usually!

But you already know that as a WHAT THE AFF reader, you can get it for a special price – $249/month. Keep in mind though, the discount is valid as long as you keep your subscription active.

You just have to use the code WTAFFMAGIC when signing up!


Cool tech, (funny) business, lifestyle and all the other things affiliates like to chat about while sipping cocktails by the pool.

The most liked picture on Instagram… EVER!

So, you are an Instagram Whizz-kid, you say?

What’s the maximum number of Likes your most popular post has received?

Well, a picture of an egg, a plain little egg, beat Kylie Jenner to be the most liked Instagram pic ever. It has so far generated over 39M likes.

It’s the only post shared by that account and it’s already a verified Instagram account.

More and more people are following the trend and posting similar Egg-images trying to gain a few quick followers.

What a time to be alive, right?


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